Treatment Research Collaboration

Discovering new treatments for veteran mental health problems

The Challenge

Due to the nature of war and military exposure, many veterans experience mental health problems. With support from mental health professionals, family and friends, most veterans recover. For some veterans though, mental health problems can be complex and persistent and do not resolve without additional support. Evidence-based treatments are available, but accessibility, effectiveness, and treatment response rates all need to be improved.

The Solution

The Treatment Research Collaboration aims to improve mental health outcomes in veterans by conducting and facilitating innovative clinical intervention research into PTSD and other complex military mental health issues. It will improve understanding of these problems and test innovative psychological, social, and neurobiological treatments and delivery methods. It will include a particular focus on early intervention to reduce the cumulative impact of PTSD and related disorders.

The Treatment Research Collaboration will achieve better mental health for veterans by:

  • creating collaborative networks to facilitate communication and cooperation between researchers, practitioners and the veteran community
  • identifying gaps in veteran mental health treatment that require research
  • establishing a treatment research agenda that engages clinicians, researchers, policy makers, and the veteran community across Australia
  • integrating and translating research findings from Australia and around the world to generate policy, program, and treatment improvements in veteran and military-related mental health
  • working closely with the Practitioner Support Service to ensure that research is responsive to the needs of mental health practitioners, and that practitioners are informed of latest findings to guide their practice.

Research Map

Do you want to know what treatment research is currently happening around Australia aimed at improving mental health outcomes in veterans?

The Research Map helps facilitate collaboration and networking between researchers and practitioners involved in the treatment of mental health problems experienced by Australian veterans. The map identifies mental health treatment studies recently published or currently underway with Australian veterans. If you are involved in a research study that could be included in the Research Map, please submit the study details using this form.

Research Studies

The Anzac Centre is currently conducting a number of studies aimed at improving the wellbeing of veterans.


The Treatment Research Collaboration has strong links with Open Arms – Veterans & Families Counselling, key research centres, and private hospitals specialising in veteran and military mental health. Further details to come.