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Supporting the people who work with veterans


The Centenary of Anzac Centre provides free advice, consultation and support to a range of practitioners and other people who work with veterans with mental health problems across Australia through its Practitioner Support Service. We offer support for a raft of problems and no query is too simple, or too complex, for us to assist with.

The service can call upon a multidisciplinary team of experts to ensure the advice provided is specific to each enquiry. We have access to psychologists, consultant psychiatrists, general practitioners and social work family therapists – all very experienced in the complexities and challenges of veteran mental health.

“We are here to offer the time and expertise to answer any question, and to work out how we can most usefully support veterans and their families,” says Alex Howard, Senior Clinical Specialist.

“We can help with inquiries such as ‘What’s the latest literature around treating comorbid PTSD and drug and alcohol issues in veterans?’ to ‘I have this particularly tricky case with a lot of issues, can you help me?’. We can help with general as well as very specific case-oriented queries. The end point is to improve the lives of Australia’s veterans, and our role is to support those who work with veterans.”

In particular, the Anzac Centre aims to connect with people in rural and remote areas who can face extra challenges due to location.

“The services we offer include educational seminars for practitioners and ex-service organisations,” says Tilly Crozier, Senior Clinical Specialist. “We can provide a range of relevant seminars, and we’re also looking at facilitating and developing different professional networks. If there are practitioners in rural or remote areas, or ex-service organisations in a certain geographical area, we’re looking at how they can be linked to support one another.”

“For practitioners who might be in private practice and not part of a broader hospital or health service setting, and who don’t have ready access to supervision, the Practitioner Support Service could be very helpful,” says Tilly.

As well as expert advice and education, free online resources on veteran mental health are available on our website with links to handy fact sheets, latest research, videos, podcasts and interviews.

Between August and October 2018, the team connected with practitioners at a series of events to raise awareness of the services it offers. Our team attended events including the Australian Psychological Society Congress in Sydney, the Rural & Remote Mental Health Symposium in Hobart, the Australasian Military Medicine Association Conference in Canberra and the Military and Veteran Mental Health – Innovations in Treatment Practitioner Forum in Melbourne which was co-hosted by the Anzac Centre.

Feedback about the consultation service has been very positive, with practitioners saying that the advice they received has informed and assisted with their work. To ensure that the service remains relevant, we welcome feedback from practitioners and organisations.

Please contact The Centenary of Anzac Centre Practitioner Support Service for advice when you need it. This is a free, confidential consultation service for practitioners and health professionals which can be accessed via email or telephone on 1800 VET 777.