Practitioner Support Service

Consultation and Advice

Access free guidance and support from a multidisciplinary team of experts

Consultations are available to all Australian health practitioners and veteran support organisations with queries about veteran mental health.

Access free, personalised support and guidance from experts. Send a request via our enquiry form or call 1800 838 777 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm (AEST)).

Our consultants can assist with any veteran mental health-related enquiry including:

  • engaging with veterans
  • managing distress
  • assessment
  • physical and psychological comorbidity
  • effective psychological and alternative interventions and treatments (including pharmacotherapy)
  • trauma informed care
  • relationship issues
  • service and referral options

No query is too simple or too complex, and mental health does not need to be the primary focus of your work with a client. The service is available to organisations and practitioners of all disciplines and experience levels, whether you are new to working with veterans, or an expert.

A multidisciplinary team of expert consultants in veteran and military mental health is available to support you in your work. From psychiatrists to social workers, we will direct your enquiry to the most appropriate team member to ensure that their expertise is matched to your needs. We can also arrange a consultation with a multidisciplinary panel of experts to discuss clients with more complex needs.

We are not a crisis line, and do not provide direct services to veterans or their families.

Do you have a question or need advice related to veteran mental health?


Our team includes specialist clinicians and clinically trained researchers, with complementary skills and experience.


Find out more about how to access guidance and support from the Practitioner Support Service, and what to expect from the service.