Practitioner Support Service

Expert guidance and support for practitioners working with veterans with mental health issues.

The Practitioner Support Service aims to improve the lives of Australian veterans with mental health problems by supporting the practitioners and organisations who work with them.

The Practitioner Support Service is a free, nation-wide service providing expert multidisciplinary support and guidance to health practitioners, support organisations, and others working with Australian veterans with mental health problems.

This service provides access to free consultations with veteran mental health experts, online practitioner resources, and professional development and networking opportunities for those supporting veterans.

Through a flexible delivery model, the service aims to ensure that support is available to practitioners and organisations around Australia, including those in rural and remote areas.

Consultation and Advice

Access free guidance and support from a multidisciplinary team of experts in veteran mental health. No query is too simple or too complex.

Practitioner resources

Access webinars, e-learning courses, research, and other resources about the veteran experience, understanding and treating trauma, and other mental health problems.